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Throwing knife "13"

Throwing knife "13". Designed by Dmitry 'The Bear' Melnikov.

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A best quality throwing knife from DXB-Sport, designed by Dmitry Melnikov (the champion of Russia and Europe for different disciplines, champion of the World 2018, 2 personal world records owner: accuracy and longest distance),
Knife "13" is a top model with unique design and best DXB quality. This knife is a 'baby' of years of throwing practices and great experience of attending on competitions.
"13" was developed as universal knife for all throwing techniques (spin/nospin/half spin), medium weight and ideal straight shape helps thrower to achieve excellence in regular practices. Several throwers becomes a nospin winners with this knife on European champs in 2017-2018.
At the same time, "13' is a best choice for children and women, due to its medium weight.

length 250 = mm,
width (max)= 40 mm,
sickness=6 mm,
weight = 230 g.
stainless steel construction (65x13, special throwing steel).

Certified as non weapon, 1 year warranty.

Each knife suplied with individual black nylon sheath, designed with plastic insert and nice throwing present from DXB Sport team.

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