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Throwing knives set «Drago» (3 knives)

Throwing knife "Drago", set of 3.
Author: Dmitry Brumirskiy (a brand knife of "DXB-Sport").

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A best quality throwing knife from DXB-Sport, designed by professional throwers and manufactured for real throwers who likes this sport and want to grow personal skill level.
Knife "Drago" developed for universal throwing (spin/nospin/half spin), very powerful knife for regular trowing training.
The thrower can use both knives handle edges (non symmetrical) depends from his preferences and throwing distance.
length =255 mm,
width=35 mm,
sickness=6 mm,
weight = 280 g.
stainless steel construction (special throwing steel)

Each knives set includes set of 3 throwing knives "Drago", with knives individual black nylon sheaths, designed with plastic insert and + a key chain, 3,5 times smaller 100% knife copy.

Certified as non weapon, 1 year warranty.

Watch a video review of knife 'Drago' recorded by nospin world champion Joel Holopainen

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<p>Text reviews: Received my order of Drago's yesterday and they exceeded my expectations, thank you for the excellent purchasing experience and fast delivery. I will definitely be buying more as well as suggesting you to family and friends, keep up the great work. </p>
Thank you very much for detailed feedback with nice picture !
Throwing knives set «Drago» (3 knives)
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