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Throwing knife "Pitta"

Throwing knife "Pitta", by DXB  & BestGard (SARO)

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"Pitta" - is an interesting solution for instinctive throwers, who like to throw sharp knives with half spin or nospin techniques.

Knife - a tool to cut a tree branch or cord and throw to the target at the same time.
65x13 steel (440ac analogue) makes this knife protected from rust and comfortable sheath allow to use in tourism and advanture.

"Pitta" is not a classic throwing knife for sport throwing. Light weight and short lenght makes it difficult to do sports exercises.
At the same time "Pitta" let you feel the real (sharp) knife throw with safe to damage result (fullmetall knife construction is the same as regular throwing knives).

This knife is not recommended to very beginners as a 1st knife to study throwing techniques, at the same time, "Pitta" will diversify the collection of experienced thrower with new shape and new thowing experience !

Length: 230 mm,
Blade lenght: 125 mm,
Blade width: 35 mm,
handle lenght: 105 mm,
weight: 180 g,
thickness: 4 mm,
steel= 65x13 (440 ac analogue),

Manufactured by SARO (Russia)

1 year warranty

individual neilon/plastic knife sheath included !

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