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Throwing knives set "The Leech" (set of 3)

Throwing knives set "The Leech" (set of 3),  Author: Alexey Molchanov

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Knife "Leech" is a knife in which two legendary models of knives developed for nospin knives throwing were formed: SCANF and Vyatich knives.
The features of the "parents" are easily recognizable in the shape of the "Leech", while the knife turned out to be quite light and graceful with its own character. The authors of the knife - Aleksey Molchanov and the team of the Nouspin club (Nospin, Moscow) have invested their experience, their own and those of their colleagues, in order to create a small, fast and convenient knife.
With all this, the knife behaves well in semi-turn and multi-turn (sports) throwing. Due to its small size, the knife will be very convenient for children and women.

length=  245 mm,
weight = 200 g,
sickness -  6 mm,
steel = 65x13 (440),

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