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Throwing knives set «Viserys» (3 knives)

Throwing knives set «Viserys» (3 knives).
Author: Dmitry Brumirskiy (a brand knife of DXB Team)

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A best quality throwing knife from DXB-Sport, designed by professional throwers and manufactured for real throwers who like this sport and want to grow personal skill level.
Knife "Viserys" developed for nospin throwing, but demonstrate an excellent results in spin throwing as well.
The thrower can use both knives handle sides (non symmetrical) depends from his preferences and throwing distance.
length =260 mm,
width=35 mm,
sickness=6 mm,
weight =270 g.
stainless steel construction (special throwing steel)

Each knives set includes set of 3 throwing knives "Viserys", with knives individual black nylon sheaths, designed with plastic insert and + a key chain, 3,5 times smaller 100% knife copy.

Certified as non weapon, 1 year warranty.

Watch the 'Viserys' video review from 2 times nospin world champion Joel Holopainen (Finland) :

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The Viserys are very heavy well crafted knives. Being a novice thrower I feel comfortable and confident hurling them at my targets. I am always surprised when I try diffrent throwing styles no-reload, no-spin, underhand... etc.. they just work and feel amazing in hand. I was worried that I would have to wrap the handles but the texture of the whole thing just grabs your hand but dosnt feel to aggressive in hand. Being from the USA I had a very personal and great shopping experience. Look forward to another set.
Thank you for such detailed review ! You are always welcome back to DXB store!
Throwing knives set «Viserys» (3 knives)
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