Shurikens, professional throwing pencils from Dmitry Melnikov

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Set of shurikens with cover, professional throwing pencils from world champion Dmitry Melnikov


Shurikens/Pencils from Dmitry 'The Bear' Melnikov (world champion in many throwing disciplines) is a professional tool to develope throwing skill to a very high level.
Nospin/half spin techniquest are most sensetive to throwing object weight and this tool provides fantastic feeling of light weight throwing object.

At the same time "Pencils' would be a very nice and stylish accessory to enrich throwing collection of every thrower and be a precious everyday accessory (table souvenir, massage shelf, stationery accessory, etc)

There are 2 options hex and round. Each set includes 3 shurikens/pencils in neilon case with plastic insert.

length = 19 см,
thickness = 8,5  мм,
weight  = 90 г.

length = 19 sm,
sicknes = 7  mm,
weight = 65  g.

Steel - 440

Author: Dmitry 'The Bear' Melnikov

Customer (1)
Pedro Leal
When I first ordered this pencils, I was learning 'Nospin' technique, and was afraid they were too small. It happens they are not as small as they look on the photo, these are heavy 'crayons', perfect to learn 'Nospin' and very good for begginers to learn the basics. Usually, when someone wants to try, I explain them with these, once they got it, you can go up your game! Best buy, for sure, for begginers and experienced alike! DBX made it again!
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