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Throwing knife «Bronn»

Throwing knife "Bronn".
Author: Dmitry Brumirskiy (a brand knife of "DXB-Sport").

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A best quality throwing knife from DXB-Sport, designed by professional throwers and manufactured for real throwers who likes this sport and want to grow personal skill level.
Knife "Bronn" is a continuation of DXB knives line, combines comfort of true nospin knife "Vyatich-X" handle and flight stabilization blade from "Viserys". Medium weigth (260 g) makes this knife very comfortable to operate on short distances (3-5 m) as well as long (5-10 m).
"Bronn" is the knife of 'best choice' by new throwers in Moscow DXB store. At the same time it is true universal knife - for mixed throwing styles (very stable in spin/comfortable in nospin)
length =260 mm,
width=35 mm,
sickness=6 mm,
weight = 260 g.
stainless steel construction (special throwing steel)

Each knives set includes set of 3 throwing knives "Bronn", with knives individual black nylon sheaths, designed with plastic insert and + a true throwing present from DXB Store !

Certified as non weapon, 1 year warranty.

Lenght 260 mm
Weigth 260 g
Thickness 6 mm
Width (max) 35 mm
Steel hardness 46-49
Made in Russia (Best Guard)
Blade length 140 mm
Handle length 120 mm
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